Monday, May 2, 2011

Picasa Picasso

I love how no one (Mom) told me they couldn't see any of the photos I took and uploaded onto this blog myself until Saturday night when I had a few friends over for a cocktail before the Soft Pipes (purchase on itunes NOW) show at the Satellite (this sentence makes me sound so hip, right?). Only then was I informed that no one could see my photos. Why not, I asked, and was told it was because I needed to upload my photos to Picasa. Um, okay, I had no idea what the HELL Picasa was or about URLs or whatever program you need to use so that people can see the picture you took of your gym shorts with your Blackberry. Kalen said something about platforms and servers that was so scary, I contemplated shutting down the blog right then and there (to be fair, he was really just trying to be helpful and said he would show me how to do everything, I just can't handle it when my friends are blatantly much smarter than me). Then I remembered my tendency to just not do something that feels daunting or difficult, and so I decided I would sit down and teach myself how to put photos on the internet like everyone else. That's just what I did yesterday and it only took me an hour and a half to figure it out. I mean, I still don't know how to like, edit photos on the program or draw those fun cocaine dribbles on people's faces like Perez Hilton does, but I CAN show you something like THIS:

Okay, so I also don't have a flash on my Blackberry. What you (Mom) are looking at is a tree stump with a smiley face on it. I stumbled upon it walking back from Masa with Emily last night. Masa is this adorable little restaurant that is technically in Echo Park (next to the Echo, a fun venue) that Em referred to as "Grandma's Kitchen" (she is really funny, so I am happy she doesn't blog more and steal my readers (all 3 of them)).  There are couches and all kinds of different old fashioned furniture pieces and those stained glass lamps in the restaurant so it sort of looks like someone's 70's living room. Masa specializes in deep dish Chicago pizza, but we wanted something simple, so we got pasta (you read that sentence correctly). Very tasty, check out the menu:

On the walk back we realized two things: the first was that everyone in Silverlake was on a date except for us and the second was that there is all kinds of fun street art everywhere in the neighborhood, the most amusing piece being the happy stump. I will take more pictures in better lighting, don't worry. Street art just makes for a more amusing stroll so I am glad I live in a place where no bus stop is left un-spray painted. Okay it's Monday I have to go for a walk so I can live with myself.

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