Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Today I Am NOT Okay...

Guys, Emily just sent me THIS:


I am sobbing. Like, still crying while I type. Now in my defense, I am currently reading the book from which this movie sprang forth and it's pretty good and emotional, but I have to be honest and say this film version looks awful. Anne Hathaway is NO Renee in Bridget Jones' Diary and I am really concerned about her accent and hairstyles. Jim Sturgess will always be hot because he is...hot (I might be THE only fan of Across The Universe) and also has a real, genuine British accent. The movie just looks like a big, honking mess though. I have been known to cry in Visa commercials (see Morgan Freeman doing the voice-over on those Olympic ads) and when Anna SUMMARIZES some article she's read about a missing child or something (poor Anna has seen me cry at some real weird stuff and has always been a trooper about it). But THIS trailer? Maybe it's because I saw my shrink this morning, but I need to get a grip. Also, this post has nothing to with Silverlake. Good day.

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