Thursday, May 26, 2011


So I was walking back from Pazzo Gelato tonight with Em and Alpal (bourbon cream and strawberry sorbetto taste GREAT together; who knew?), and we stumbled upon this adorable couple standing in the street. The woman had a cute, pudgy baby strapped to her in one of those frontal backpack things and the dad was wearing the baby's car seat like some kind of hat. They were both freaking out about something in the road. We asked what was up and the mommy pointed out that there was a roach in the street carrying a cigarette:

This picture was taken by Al on her iphone because my berry sucks and has no flash. The couple also took a picture. Anyway, I just wanted to show you (Mom) that even the roaches in Silverlake are hip and stay slender by smoking cigarettes (again, I DO NOT). Also, the fact that this couple and their BABY were getting all excited and laughing hysterically about a roach carrying (or perhaps it was smoking) a cigarette was even more Silverlake than the roach itself. I love where I live.

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