Friday, May 20, 2011

Take it Down to Thai Town...

Right on Hollywood Boulevard, just West of Los Feliz, something magical happens. That something is called Thai Town. This picture does not do it justice:

I wanted a night shot because there are all kinds of lights and bells and whistles (okay, just lights). Anyway, on a rainy Tuesday Emily Moffet drove me to this delightful strip mall for some grub. And it was amazing. I think the name of the place we went to is the Red Corner Cafe. Oh, it's Red Corner Asia; I just found the site:

Though it's not much to look at on the inside, this place has fast service and is ridiculously delicious. We got a spicy beef salad, a butterfly shrimp salad, and a papaya salad (we were being healthy and also trying to eat as much vinegar and chili paste as possible). Emily, being a genius, also gets a side of peanut sauce to cut the spice. I personally could put peanut sauce on just about anything and it's so good at Red Corner, kind of light but smooth and not too watery. I like to get a papaya salad whenever I try a new Thai place, because I think it's so funny that I do not enjoy papaya as a fruit but then in a Thai salad, the fruit becomes these savory, spicy noodles and I have never met a noodle I could resist. I drank green tea and gossiped with Em and everything was perfect. Okay fine, afterwards we had Samoa ice cream with chocolate covered pretzels crumbled into it (another Emily invention) and watched Glee and The Voice on TV and THEN everything was perfect. I really suggest checking out Thai Town though; it's a total experience and the food is basically a bonus.

Okay, back to freaking out about my new job starting Monday! I will write again! I must!

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