Monday, May 16, 2011

K2...Not What You Think...Maybe in a Good Way

There is this restaurant in West Hollywood called Kokomo and it is just FINE. Like, you can get a decent, if not slightly overpriced, salad or sandwich and the atmosphere is pleasant, etc. I mean, look at it:

Fine, right? Okay, so there's place in Silverlake right by the junction on Sunset called K2 that I am fairly certain is an affiliate of Kokomo. It's a sleek, diner-y looking joint with outside seating, obviously in a prime location. I went with Noelia and Anthony (they are a fun couple to third wheel it with as opposed to just a painful reminder that you're single/grossly cute and touchy). Because it is called K2, I think we all just assumed it was a CHEAPER, more on-the-go version of Kokomo. NOT SO.  Oh, here's some info:

K2 is MUCH FANCIER than Kokomo. Like, before we ordered we joked we would all need to get side salads as our entrees because the prices were just so STEEP. But of course, we all went crazy and spent way too much money. I got this like 16 dollar BBQ salad and I can't remember what Ant got (sorry Ant) because I was STARING at Noelia's giant pork chop (it was a special) that came with these TASTY polenta pancakes (I tried them. And I tried the chop. It was in the name of RESEARCH). We also got this special side of toasted sunchokes that tasted like a cross between fries and chips which means they were probably the greatest thing I have ever tasted. Oh, the waiters are incredibly nice and without asking, refilled Ant and my diet cokes like, 53 times (I was very jumpy by the end of dinner). All in all a good experience.

By the way, I went BACK to Kokomo with Al for brunch yesterday and it was actually borderline incredible. I had this CREATION called The Devil's Mess, which is like scrambled eggs with grilled zucchini, peppers, onions, and zesty andouille sausage. Very simple and yet I hadn't had something so satisfying for brunch in a long time. Alpal got the crispy chicken salad and I didn't try it but it LOOKED fantastic because there was SO MUCH FRIED CHICKEN on that bed of lettuce, and you KNOW for me a salad is really a vehicle for meat, cheese, beans, and fattening dressing.  Leave me alone; I just live my life!

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