Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So I Got a Job...

But GUYS (Mom), I am still totally going to write. This is my passion, my dream. Damn the man! Save the empire! (If you don't know that reference and have never seen Empire Records, I cannot help you with anything.) Also that quote didn't really make any sense there. Anyway, I am still planning on posting all the time as I still have a million places to go to over here and because I don't want all of my relationships to disintegrate. Tomorrow I will post about how Cliff's Edge is tasty and how terrible I am at dating. Everything is fine. I know, you're thrilled.

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  1. DAPHNE! I LOVE YOU and your blog and my face hurts I am smiling so much. I love all your parenthetical notes to your mom - I should do that too. Love moms! (Hi Mrs. Miller, I miss our days in NYC around your kitchen table. Heaven) Okay back to you and your blog. I hope you keep writing. and what is this new job? and I just love you and your blog so much I can't even stand it.
    let's chat about it