Friday, May 13, 2011

Falling Off The Cliff's Edge...

Let me begin by saying I am FURIOUS because I wrote an entire post yesterday about my running playlist and it was charming and funny and informative and it is completely LOST. Like, where is it? WHERE IS IT, BLOGSPOT?! If you (Mom) can see it and I can't just let me know and my sad, sad heart will be unbroken. Anyway, I went to Cliff's Edge the other night. Let's talk about it:

It's pretty, right? Here is the Yelp info and all that jazz:

Cliff's Edge is a beautiful, partially outdoor restaurant right on Sunset by Sunset Junction. Make sure you get a reservation, because the first time this same guy tried to take me to this place, they couldn't seat us, so we went to Little Dom's, which I actually love, and then got into an argument about politics (this has nothing to do with Cliff's Edge, but now you know why I am surprised I even made it to the third date with this gentleman). Anyway, we were seated at a free-standing table but they also have these benches with cool Moroccan pillows and stuff. My date said it kind of looked like Vietnam. I obviously thought this was some kind of political statement and grimaced at him.

Anyway, our waitress was very nice and professional and selected a really tasty, mineral-y Sauvignon Blanc for me and Mr. Date got an Old Fashioned, which is cool and manly. I love a steak and so my date encouraged me to order the special hanger steak that came with fries (delicious, not afraid to chow down on a date) and he got the chicken AND ordered us the sweet potato ravioli to split as a starter, because the waitress mentioned that people loved it (also a nice move on his part). The ravioli was just sweet enough and in a very light sauce. The atmosphere is delightful; it's not too loud and they have flickering (fake, Date and I argued about this, he won) candles and you can see stars and hear birds and such. We did NOT get dessert, but they have all the usual, tasty-sounding options including a chocolate pot de creme, which I've heard is yummy.

Okay so now you are probably thinking I am an asshole, because this dude took me on a perfectly lovely date to a famously romantic restaurant and I ran away from him on my front stoop (to be fair to ME, he got a hug and a thank you, OKAY?). And I might be an asshole, but also, I am just terrible at dating and sadly, not that into this particular fellow (possibly BECAUSE he was so nice and normal and not like, a scary weirdo who is mean to me). Also, to my five friends who read this blog, please still set me up. Things just get scary when it's date THREE, because you feel obligated to get sexy with your date regardless of attraction level. However, in this case we hadn't even KISSED yet, mostly because of our second date political argument that resulted in me asking him to take me home. So like, we were taking it slow. And again, he was totally gentle and respectful, it just wasn't going to happen. Honestly, I am proud I made it to the third date; I usually self-destruct way before this. I am just going to stop typing before I come off as literally the most unappealing woman on the planet. Cliff's Edge = good. I still believe in love! The end.

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