Monday, May 23, 2011

I Was SO Jubilant...

Okay so, my friend Brett, who actually lives in Santa Monica, convinced me to go to the Silverlake Jubilee for half an hour this past Saturday. Now I used to live with Brett (platonically, though he is handsome and SINGLE, ladies...) and went to college with him and he is a wonderful writer and a delightfully kooky individual who thinks life is a movie and it's his job to direct it (however, one time he did try to get me to slow dance to All 4 One's "I Swear" with a guy I had a secret crush on in a Japanese restaurant with all the lights on and I had to whisper-scream at him that it was not his job to direct the movie that is MY life), but this was actually the first time Brett had ever seen my apartment. Like, I've lived here for two months. Brett Konner really doesn't like going East of the 405. So you can imagine how special I felt when he ventured my way and I jumped at the chance to check out the Jubilee with him. It took place on the road off of Santa Monica at Sunset Junction that extends under the bridge on Sunset (get it? no?). This is pretty much what it looked like:

Also there were 2 stages bookending either side of the festival and a million food trucks and jewelry stands and other stands of stuff in between. Okay, not a million, but it was a pretty cool spread. Also, no, I do not know that ponytailed STUD or the girl with the cool tie-dyed dress and stripy knee socks. I am sorry.

Anyway, Brett and I walked along, looking at the various wares and stopping to talk to one of the creators of 5 Second Films (, who was very nice and I felt cool when I realized I'd met him before. I felt even cooler when I ran into my friends Christopher (super-talented musician, check out his band Miracle Parade), Mary Beth (makes you feel bad about yourself because she looks pretty with no makeup on and is kind of saving the world), and Martin (Noelia's cousin; awesome cook who owns his own craft services company and father of 2 adorable tiny babies). These three let Brett and me know that they were serving interesting tequila drinks in the alcohol garden and so of course, we immediately went there. Brett and I got beer though (I am just a sucker for a dark stout and also, I had to drive somewhere 45 minutes later, so tequila may have been a bad idea) and met a charming bulldog while we were in line. Then I checked out a band I was not impressed enough with to even get their name (sorry band!). I had to go pretty soon after that, but it seemed like a successful event. Lots of food trucks, hip looking people, and tons of shiny goods to ogle. I was happy I went.

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