Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Not Buying Things at the Mohawk General Store...

After my vegan salad with Jess the other day, we took a stroll as she was looking for a new notebook (Noelia, she saw the one you gave me for my birthday in my apartment and became insanely jealous, which is how you know a gift is successful). Although I wasn't quite sure they carried notebooks, I steered Jessica towards the Mohawk General Store on Sunset because I WAS sure they had a million other awesome doo-dads to look at:

I know; I could talk about this store all day. However, I don't really feel like I have the AUTHORITY to talk about this store all day, because I have yet to purchase a single item from it. Actually, I am almost afraid to touch anything and spoil it with my dork germs...but not too afraid that I don't end up fondling everything anyway.

Mohawk has stuff for men and women, the home, etc. And it is the prettiest STUFF you've ever seen. There are these intensely colored leather thingies from Commes des Garcons (don't ask me to punctuate or capitalize it correctly, it's a Goddamn fancy designer) that are sort of like a cross between a clutch and a wallet and they feel like BUTTER. The way things are laid out in Mohawk General is wonderful too, like discovering treasure in a fabulous grandmother's Hamptons mansion. The wallet/clutches are splayed out on an old wood desk...a butter rainbow. But at like, $300 per thingie, I just have to stroke the rainbow and move on.

The jewelry is displayed in antique glass cases and there are little cards naming which designer goes with each piece. There are some seriously cool rings; square-shaped, spiky, multiple-finger. These I will touch but try not to put on because I have had more than one unfortunate ring-that-I-can't-afford-stuck-on-my-finger experience. There are also these really uniquely designed shoes that line the walls, but I've already dropped one on the floor, so from now on I am just going to OBSERVE them (I also DESPERATELY wish I could pull off a clog...and thought I could in high school, sad). I will say that a lot of the shoes are very reasonable. There are also fantastic clothes/bathing suits for gals and guys, candles, scarves and hats and the sexiest sunglasses I have ever seen (I think the brand that is most represented at Mohawk is called Super Retro Future, but I'm not positive). They also DO have notebooks, but Jess wanted something with a spiral (she is an agent, she is all about function and practicality). Someday I WILL be able to afford an item from that store and when that day comes...I probably won't be writing this blog anymore. Please check out Mohawk!

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  1. OMG, if I lived in Silverlake I would totally wear clogs.

    Wooden shoe?