Thursday, May 12, 2011

Today's Running Playlist

Okay so maybe I am still to raw from my night at Cliff's Edge (really nothing bad happened, it's just...well, nothing happened), but I decided to put off that post and share with you (Mom) what I listened to today as I jogged the reservoir. It's effing GORGEOUS outside today so do yourself a favor and step away from your desk for ONE MINUTE to smell the early Summer air.  Anyway, here are the songs I was jamming to:

1) "The Antihero" by Soft Pipes (Again, if you don't go buy the entire Soft Pipes album on itunes right now, like, I don't know if we can be friends. Anthony Polcino's voice is incredible and this particular track has a sort of Strokes-meets-The Beatles pop/rock melody that is paired with really heartbreaking (in a good way) lyrics)

2) "Get Some" by Lykke Li (This song is just fucking hilarious. Not only does it have a super-fun beat, but little Lykke sings lyrics like "like a shotgun need an outcome, I'm your prostitute, you gon get some." Does that make any sense? No. But when you're bopping around and singing along, no words will ever sound so TRUTHFUL)

3) "Under Cover of Darkness" by The Strokes (Meh. You don't have to download this, but I ran to it and I am just being honest. As you know, I feel feelings for this band, but the new album just isn't as good as Julian Casablancas' solo project. I mean, everything they do is good, but this song just doesn't do to me what, for example, "Automatic Stop" does)

4) "Don't Lose My Number" by Phil Collins (I have to give my hip Silverlake friends credit for my discovery of this Phil deep cut. Actually, I was at my friend Jon's birthday in Venice (but I think he will admit he is an East-sider at heart) when Emily and Anthony popped this one on and then it felt like I came ALIVE again. Seriously, this song is SO FUN. I dare you not to dance to it. Or run to it)

5) "It's Thunder and it's Lightning" by We Were Promised Jetpacks (I know, this band's name is so silly. These fellows are my other Scottish boyfriends, and although I do not love them as much as Frightened Rabbit (probably less because of music and more because Scott Hutchison is my one true love), Jetpacks are kind of great. They sing this very raw, yearn-y rock and this song perfectly captures the feeling of staring out a window during a storm, feeling incredibly sorry for yourself)

6) "Laura" by The Scissor Sisters (I saw this band at Coachella, LATE, and danced my ass off (okay no I didn't, my ass is still very much there but I DANCED). They have so much energy and sassiness and singer Ana Matronic encouraged all the dudes to wear spandex and thongs always. This song, specifically, is really fun, and my New York friend slash Coachella partner in crime Kate Nelson pointed out that it has one of the best pauses of all time in it (like, you think the song is over, but it's NOT)

7) "Welcome Home" by Radical Face (So Spring of 2010, I went to visit my family in NYC and went to a day-birthday at a bowling alley in Brooklyn for my friends Liz and Lynn. Needless to say, day-drinking was involved. Then I went to my parents house and ordered this movie On-Demand, The Vicious Kind. In my drunken state, I LOVED it and I especially loved this one really sexy scene where they play this song. I came back to LA raving about this movie and hunted down this song and played it over and over and pictured Adam Scott (star of the movie) all dark and grumpy wanting to make out with me and FORCED Kalen to watch it. Although Kalen is a cinephile, he can appreciate crap when it's kind of brilliant, but he let me know that while Adam Scott is pretty good in the movie, the movie is actually pretty bad. This is a terrible story, but what I am trying to say is that this song, while totally inappropriate for running, is good but the movie from which it came is NOT. Okay, I promise I am done now)

8) "Help You" by Trampled by Turtles (Fun, fast country jam about a girl who is a MESS. So good)

9) "Disturbia" by Rihanna (Guys, when I am at the end of my run I NEED to hear a jam that pumps me up. This one has a fantastic beat AND brings back wonderful memories of when I moved in with Jessica and Kyle helped me bring my stuff over from Santa Monica and I just sang this over and over all day long. I am surprised these people are both still in my life after I did that to them, but they're kind souls)

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