Friday, April 29, 2011

2 Bands I am DIGGING...

Not that you (Mom, I know you prefer the Cirque Du Soleil soundtrack) care, but I really love music and recently saw two bands I am quickly becoming obsessed with. The other night I went to the Troubadour (okay, I know it's not in Silverlake but it is a GREAT venue: all musty and dark and you can get so close to the stage) and saw The Head and the Heart. Their music is kind of country-ish folk-rock and although I do not consider myself very "folksy," I really, really enjoy country and rock. The lead singer is just very raspy and beautiful and I want to BE the blond girl in the band with the big lips and SICK voice. Here is their video for "Lost in my Mind," the song that I am playing on repeat while I blog all day:

Also, at Coachella (yup, it was my fifth year, no big deal), I discovered this band a lot of you might already know about called The Felice Brothers. One of the guys in the band plays an ACCORDION, which basically blew my mind. They're kind of like a calmer Trampled by Turtles meets a harder-edged Avett Brothers (I ADORE The Avett Brothers). The lead singer is this kind of bad-ass skinny dude (when he sings "Remote Song" he just mimes changing the channel on the audience the entire time) and they have this very raw, grounded sound. I have been showering to "Frankie's Gun" for two weeks:

Anyway, happy Friday!

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