Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stranger in Santa Monica...

I just want to take a small moment to give my lovely friend Lindsey Weening a shout-out. For the past year, she has been working on a project for her company, TOMS shoes, and yesterday they released a new line of eyewear, the fruit of Ms. Lindsey's labors (I am pretty sure that's how the expression goes). Anyway, the shades are real good-looking ( and for the same price as a pair of Ray Bans, you help in the fight against blindness in countries like India. TOMS also had an amazing event to celebrate the eyewear launch on Main Street in Santa Monica all day yesterday, which included food trucks and bands like Lord Huron and Fool's Gold (if you don't know these bands, I just really need you to go on Youtube right now). The par-tay looked like this:


No, that's not Lindsey working the sunglass stand. This event was nowhere near Silverlake, but it had a Silverlake-ian spirit about it and I am just so proud of my friend who works her ass off but still manages to be a smiley, fun person who looks annoyingly good in a Canadian tuxedo.

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