Sunday, June 19, 2011

Not Running Playlist

So this weekend my friends Sam and Alex got married in Boston. It was a beautiful Catholic ceremony followed by an even more beautiful reception at Alex's parents' house in Dedham, MA. Sam and Alex are two of the most wonderful people I know and I was so glad I got to go celebrate them and their love for one another. Unfortunately, I am an idiot and didn't buy my plane ticket until the last minute, so the cheapest flights I could find had me on the red-eye to Boston Friday (with a layover in Phoenix) and a 6:22AM flight back to LA Sunday (which I missed, so I had to take a 7:30 flight to DC and continue on to LA from there). Needless to say, I am fucking tired. However, I wouldn't have gotten through the trip without my trusty iPod. These are some jams I listened to while I tried to sleep on the planes:

1) "Any Way You Want Me" by Spiritualized (this is an amazing song that kind of sounds like a "Crimson and Clover" cover as performed by The Cure. I first heard this jam at a cemetery screening and of course Anthony knew what it was. Very romantic and sexy and delightful)

2) "Cradle" by The Joy Formidable (I am obsessed with this band right now. They're just these great British rockers with a fun sound and a kicky blonde singer who looks like Sia. This song is shorter than their hit "Whirring," but just as tasty)

3) "The Promise" by When in Rome (I just have always loved this song so much, but weirdly it took me years to actually track it down on itunes, partially because I would hear it in the car and on the radio and just forget about it and partially because I am terrible at searching for things on the internet. I love the lyrics to this song because basically this dude is promising someone he will convince them to love him eventually even though he says everything wrong and has a really bad temper. Relatable)

4) "Will Do" by TV on the Radio (I am just getting into this band NOW, so I know I am like 5 years behind, but these guys are great. I didn't realize how sensual and melodic a lot of their songs are. This one is particularly soft and pretty)

5) "10 A.M. Automatic" by The Black Keys (if you don't know this already, I am in love with The Black Keys. They sound how a great band should sound and there are only two of them. This song is like an amazing party that someone is describing to you where everyone is kind of sweaty and drinking PBR and maybe there are some vampires there...I mean I am picturing True Blood but this jam is hot like that show)

6) "Low" by Cracker (old, old ditty that played on the radio on the way to work the other day that I then had to go home and download because it just rocks...even though I had the lyrics wrong in my head and thought they were singing, "Being with you girl is like being ALONE," instead of, "Being with you girl is like being LOW," which is the actual title of the song. I think my version is funnier)

7) "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall" by Coldplay (WHAT?! I DOWNLOADED IT, OKAY?!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!)

8) "This Charming Life" by Joan Armatrading (okay so, I am not just comparing Joan to Tracy Chapman because they are both black lesbian singers, but because they actually have similar sounds and I like these ladies. This song played on an episode of Sons of Anarchy, my favorite show starring my boyfriend Charlie Hunnam, during a particularly lovely montage that included a view of Charlie's bottom. Memories)

9) "Dancing With Myself" by Billy Idol (I feel like I've already included this song on a playlist before, but I seriously listen to it all the time. It's my favorite song to dance around my apartment with no pants on to. TMI? Yeah, I think I am delirious at this point)

It's good to be back home in Silverlake. Happy Sunday night!

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  1. Pretty sure the Cracker lyrics are "I'll be with you girl/ Like being low/ Hey hey hey, like being stoned" --- which is probably where you got the "OHN" sound for "alone."

    Also, I honestly LOVE the way you describe music. And you should definitely continue to do that. But I also wish you maybe linked to each song on youtube so we could hear it...