Sunday, June 26, 2011

Something Weird on Hyperion...

So my friend Lindsey Weening (the awesome lady I mentioned in my TOMS event post) and I took a walk around the hood yesterday. It ended up being an incredibly long walk, mostly because I got us lost and eventually we had to get brunch (Little Dom's has a special where you get a bottle of champagne and some orange juice for like, not a lot of money). Also, per what I typed in the parentheses, we were mildly drunk on the way back. Anyway, early on in our stroll, we stumbled upon this sign on Hyperion:

For those of you with bad eyes, the sign says "No Cruising." Now, this sign is kind of small. Is it for pedestrians or for cars? Like, no cruise control in cars allowed on this particular street? No cruising for hotties? No cruising for prostitutes? No taking your yacht down the road? WHAT?! Do signs like this exist where you live or is this Silverlake-specific? Anyway, I saw that, thought it was weird, and wanted to tell you about it.


  1. Ha, yeah these signs are all over LA. There's one on Sunset -- it's to prevent unnecessary traffic during times of high car volume (so cars don't aimlessly drive up and down the strip). I can't imagine how enforceable this actually is though. Like, is someone standing there keeping tabs on every single car that drives up and down the street? And, also, isn't cruising just inherent to driving? It's like those "no honking" signs. Fuck you, Quiet Neighborhood, I'll honk if I damn well need to...

  2. Signs were recently posted up and down Franklin that say "NO PARKING" in big red letters and then "cars for sale" in tiny letters. The day they were put up we googled the sign and found out it means it's illegal to park a car there if it has a "For Sale" sign on it- not that the city of LA is going to sell your car if you park it there (we're from Boston- they do stuff like that). For a solid week almost no one was parked on Franklin - it was glorious. Alas, everyone on the planet has since figured out how to google and started parking on Franklin again.

  3. I think in this case it might refer more to No Cruising For Men. Been in this area before awhile ago late night and saw men just standing around.