Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Silverlake Stud-Watch: The Hive

I know. You are thinking, "there's no way she is actually titling her post that." But here I am, doing it. I am also about to recommend a male hair salon (barbershop? What do they call them?) without ever actually having been inside the place myself (Hello; I am a LADY) or actually personally knowing any man or boy who has been groomed there. If you're not already creeped out by this post then read on. It's called The Hive and it's right off Sunset on Micheltorena. Here is their incredibly stylin' website:

I KNOW. Here is a picture:

To be fair, although I can't really tell you much about the place, gives it 4.5 stars out of 5. What I can tell you is that the hottest-looking fellows in all the land of Silverlake sit in those chairs in the window just about every single day. She is going to be mad that I said this, but Emily Moffet can attest to the loveliness of the window-candy at The Hive because she's stared with me (but it was only for a minute and we just HAPPENED to stumble upon the place after a stroll...Em, I owe you a gelato). It's like they hire these men to sit in the window. Seriously, in my opinion (and yes, to me an example of ideal man-hair is Sean Bean on Game of Thrones) the men that go in there don't even need to get their hair cut because they already look so damn good. I say this assuming that the MODELS sitting in the front chairs are waiting to get their hair cut rather than just sitting around, displaying their gorgeous new coifs to the world after they've been worked on.

Maybe I am just staring at their eyes or their outfits (a lot flannel happens at The Hive) and maybe it's a barbershop only for gentlemen who are ALREADY hot, but I have to think this place has at least a little something special. So guys I know (I know at least Brett is reading this), do me a huge favor and get a trim at The Hive; you may just come out more attractive (if not, I will lie to you!). Wow. I am actually going to hit "publish post" now.

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  1. To be honest, when I first saw this title, I thought it said "Stud-Watch: The HIV" and I thought it was gonna be a cautionary post about guys with AIDS.

    Anyway, the HIVE is just as creepy, no? I mean, do bees cut your hair? OMG, what if they did but they only knew how to give buzz cuts??