Monday, November 7, 2011

Stranger Downtown...

I am an idiot for not taking pictures, but Saturday I went to the coolest EP release party in this warehouse/loft thing downtown. The band I saw is called COYOL ( Check out "Gone Gone" now please. Basically, this band is comprised of the three most attractive people on the planet. Like, tiny, stylish hipster girl with an exotic ethnicity and a HUGE voice and bearded lead singer/guitarist man with a strange but beautiful voice and then pretty, beanie-wearing keyboardist man who makes jokes. They almost completely distracted me from the fact that we were in an enormous loft that you could ride your bike inside of and that people actually lived in with crazy art everywhere. Side-confession: I can't really ride a bike.

Anyway, they served beer made by some dude that was friends with the band (delicious and hoppy; I am sorry I can't give said-dude a proper shout-out because I didn't catch the name of the beer) and you could silk-screen your own t-shirt and I felt totally out of place, but loved every minute of it. COYOL will also be appearing on Noelia and Kalen's awesome new site Knock and Rock ( very soon and then they will probably blow up and be huge because they're good and so goddamn gorgeous.

Afterwards, we went to Lindsey's friend's birthday at some swanky, American Psycho-looking loft facing the Standard hotel and danced to some old Madonna. So, a solid night. But I took no pictures. So here's one I took of the crazy weather out the window of my office. Doesn't it look like Armageddon?

Doesn't it?! Whatever I hate you.

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