Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stranger in Boston

So this past weekend I was in Boston. Boston is, in my opinion, one of the least controversial cities in the world. It's cute and sweet and traditional; a glorified college town. I was there for two reasons: the first was to watch one of my best friends from high school, Siobhan (cool name, right?!), get married and the second was to see my parents and little brother Teddy as they checked out colleges (yeah, I said he was YOUNGER). Also, two of my favorite ladies from college, Katie "Rock" Rockman and Elisha "Bish" Barron were in town and I was lucky enough to able to see them as well.

Anyway, weddings can be...intense, so I needed to do this beforehand:

That's not me (although I wouldn't MIND looking like that). That's Elisha and she's at Temple Bar in Cambridge where we enjoyed those bloody Marys followed by a fantastic brunch with Rock (http://templebarcambridge.com/). Afterwards, Rock walked me to Shibby's ceremony, which was in the CUTEST chapel right next to Harvard Square on one of the most gorgeous days I've ever seen.

Shibs was obviously an incredibly beautiful bride and the ceremony was short but really intimate, personal and sweet. Duh, I cried through the entire thing. I have the emotional maturity of a 15-year-old and I am not sure if I am the type of lady to ever have a traditional wedding (although I DO love to throw a party), but it's SO SPECIAL and amazing to see your friends partake in this kind of ritual. Anyway, then I hugged the bride and groom and their delightful families and went to meet my own family that is delightful in its own dysfunctional way.  Anyway, we strolled around my mom's old apartment (yeah, she went to grad school at Harvard, NBD) and then went back to their hotel to watch Limitless and have a cocktail (I had a Pina Colada and promptly passed out; of course my parents totally enjoyed the movie).

Then we went to THE MOST INCREDIBLE DINNER at this place Craigie on Main (http://www.craigieonmain.com/). Holy BALLS was this place delicious. They have vegetarian options, but seriously, this will be a much more special experience if you are a ravenous carnivore like the members of my immediate family. To start: my dad, George, got the bibb lettuce salad (don't worry, it came with fried pig ear on it), I got pig tails (like this incredibly tender, General Tso-style butt meat), Teddy got cream soup with a scallop in it (he is sophisticated), and my mom, Andrea, got grilled octopus. Then for the main course, I got pork three ways (um, I think I was attempting to eat an entire pig...they did a confit, belly, and a glazed rib), my dad got a sirloin (and ordered the most insane wine and I can't usually taste the difference), and my mom and brother SPLIT A PIG'S HEAD. Like, it's just half a pig's head on a plate and they give you pancakes and the head has been sliced into sections with scissors (it's an open kitchen, we watched a guy do this) and you just grab a chunk of head and EAT IT. Unreal. We also got marrow that came in these huge cow bones and you just scooped it out and put it on toast. Eventually my mom was yelling "get it away from me!" as she continued to scrape more marrow from the bone and we had to stage an intervention. Here's a very dark camera pic of our damage:

Isn't George so precious?! It was a really special dinner (I won't even get into dessert...but things got scary with a coconut ice cream affogato, etc.). Then I met Rock and Elisha for another drink (like I needed to ingest anything else), and whatever local dark, hoppy beer I ordered made me so happy, I decided to hold a photo-shoot outside Harvard Law School (Elisha just graduated from there...so...it counts). Check it:

Sigh. I love them. Then Sunday, another solid brunch and a stroll through Beacon Hill with Rock (we got manicures, my shade was called "Modern Girl," which is, you know, so appropriate). So it wasn't very hip or strange, but I'd say my weekend was pretty perfect. Oh, until thunderstorms made me miss my connection in Phoenix and I had to sleep on a bench in the airport. It was...an adventure.

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