Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Music

Guys, it's SO pretty out. But wait! I am in my office! Yay! Anyway, I know you East-coasters (Mom) were dealing with a pseudo/potentially real hurricane this weekend, so I won't complain about having to be inside when it's gorgeous out. Instead, I will throw some songs at you to make your Monday more merry.

1) "Little Lies" by Fleetwood Mac ( This video is amazing and the best part is that all of the fashion (hats!) would be totally trendy on the street today. I like that in this song, the other lady from Fleetwood Mac is doing the singing. Do I know what her name is? No. But I know there was a love triangle and whatever instrument is making that moan-y noise is awesome.

2) "Jolene" by Dolly Parton ( So obviously, I love the White Stripes' rendition of this song, and there about a thousand other decent and no-so-decent covers, but the original version is still the most compelling. This song is SO SAD and yet somehow, you feel like you're on a team with Dolly, begging this bitch to STEP OFF. I love it.

3) "Heart it Races" by Dr. Dog ( This band is really great live. They have a big sound and incorporate instruments like trumpets that make me happy. This song is a little bit Modest Mouse-y, but it's a solid driving/last days of summer jam.

4) "Trailer Trash" by Modest Mouse ( Well, I started thinking about Modest Mouse (damn, they've fallen off) and this is one of my favorite songs by them. It has a less polished sound to it and that always pleases me.

5) "Dull Life" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs ( This is kind of a sassy, sexy one by them (although I think pretty much every Yeah Yeah Yeahs song is sassy-sexy). I cannot sit still when I hear this. So I have to get up from my computer now and dance. Bye.

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