Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just a Little Strange in NYC...

Hi Guys! Sorry I have been relatively MIA the past week or so (although I was with you, Mom, so I am not sure who else cares). I was home in New York this past weekend for my grandparents' 60th anniversary (60 years...WTF!) and let me just say, it is glorious there. While Manhattan is my homeland and familiar to me, I always try and do some funky things when I am there to maintain the "Stranger in Silverlake" spirit.

Let's see...Friday I let a stranger named Fashion cut my hair...so that happened. Then I had lunch at Momoya (http://www.themomoya.com/) next to Lucy Liu, which felt oddly LA because of the celeb-factor and because the fish in my chirashi bowl was particularly fresh, but that's a good thing.

Then after a glorious stroll through Chelsea and the West Village, I went to the Naked and Famous concert in Williamsburg. I know guys, I went to BROOKLYN. It's actually so adorable there that it's a little overwhelming. The Naked and Famous also surprised me with how hard they rocked the Music Hall of Williamsburg (http://www.musichallofwilliamsburg.com/). Like, they're a good band, and I bet most of you have heard "Young Blood" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdO85Qf4Poc), which is a totally fun song, but I urge you to also check out "Punching in a Dream" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kC29pd_5sQU&ob=av2e) and my personal favorite, "Girls Like You" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijX2lAptqwE), which is a song that could not be LESS about me, but I like the beat. Anyway, this is a band worth seeing live. Then I had too many beers at an awesome bar and then acted shadily and got off at the wrong subway stop.

Okay, the anniversary dinner. First of all, during the day my entire family went to the Plaza to take our photo in the room where my Granddaddy (also known as Big Ed) and my Grandmother (a.k.a. Bonnie) got hitched. They were actually setting up for a wedding the day we were there and I found myself cooing despite my hangover and fear of wedding ceremonies. Then there was the big dinner at La Grenouille (http://la-grenouille.com/), which is this very old-school, Mad Men-ish restaurant, where we enjoyed sweetbreads (I don't know why I was more okay eating them when I thought they were brains as opposed to PANCREAS), frog's legs, foie gras and delicious oxtail. But honestly, my favorite part was the dessert. We ordered five different kinds of the most airy yet creamy souffle: Grand Marnier, vanilla, chocolate, lemon, and caramel. Also dudes, souffle is like, mainly made of egg whites; did you know that?! I did NOT and now that I know it's one of the lower-calorie desserts (until you slather whipped cream on it), I am going to be ordering it all the time. When I go to incredibly expensive restaurants. Which I do every day. Anyway, I think Big Ed was happy:

He is so handsome! He also reads this blog and is better at the internet than I am. My brother was also there and I took a pic because he is precious:

That's Teddy making a tough face because I asked him to, not because he hates me. Then we went home and watched Hall Pass, an incredibly inappropriate movie to watch as a family, but I liked the film and the cuddle-times.

Sunday was very typical-NYC: rain, brunch at Eatery (http://www.eaterynyc.com/, yum, but the host yelled at me to tie up my umbrella and I didn't understand what he was saying because I don't speak RAINDROPS), strolling and seeing friends, and then, suddenly, I was back on a plane to LA. I love LA and especially love my Silverlake, but let's face it guys, I am a New Yorker at heart and always will be.

PS I was too exhausted to blog yesterday, but as I was driving home last night this Bee Gee's gem came on the radio and I promised myself I'd share it. So here's "Jive Talkin'," enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBw25CrUS-o

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  1. you forgot the part where you were stranded at LAX and needed a WESTSIDE friend to come pick you up at 12:45am because Citibank hates you and cancels your card whenever they can.

    and what would have happened if everyone you knew lived in Silverlake with you? huh?