Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Hate Sunset Junction!

WHAT?! I said it. Every year, this festival comes around ( and every year I have less than no desire to attend. And anyone who knows me knows I LOVE a good music festival (I am going to one NEXT weekend for shit's sake, but I'll blog about that then). However, the Sunset Junction festival has terrible bands (seriously you guys, I was MOST excited to see Hanson...HANSON), you can't get around because Sunset blvd. is completely jammed with traffic, and it's probably the grossest weekend of the year weather-wise. And this year, I actually LIVE in Silverlake, so I was literally DREADING the weekend.

But for once the gods smiled upon me, because the festival was denied their license and the whole thing was canceled. Sure, there were 16 year old girls in high waisted cut-off jorts wandering the streets in packs searching for rockstars and a couple of impromptu streets concerts going in protest of the festival's cancelation, but mostly my neighborhood was normal (the way I LIKE it). I was able to take my reservoir walk with Em, there was no line at my gelato place (coconut and chocolate-tangerine sorbettos, mmm), and tonight I was able to take a quiet stroll to the Vista ( and see My Idiot Brother (I chuckled A LOT). Anyway, this is kind of a whiny, un-hipstery post, but I had to express my emotions.

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