Monday, July 2, 2012

Strange Babies

Hey-ho Lil' Strangers, how are you? Okay, I will tell you how I am: sad the weekend's over! I did many things; let's talk about them. Well, Friday I was pretty mellow. Saturday I went to Manhattan Beach to meet up with my college roomies Lucy and Anne. Manhattan Beach is like, FAR from me, and so I never go there, but I have to say, this does not suck:

Nice, right? Also, there were so many commas in that sentence. The girls were WONDERFUL, like always, and we had a delightful time hanging on the beach and sharing a beer after:

I know, the cuteness is almost too much, but actually is just enough. Anyway, then I did a quick change and went to see Lower Dens ( with Anna at the Troubadour. THAT'S RIGHT ANNA. Concerts are NOT her thing, but she totally got into it and jammed out. Pride. Anyway, the band is really good and hypnotic and kind of dark:

I wanted to get a shot of the main chick because she looks like Wynona Ryder had an androgynous baby with Harry Potter and she was wearing like, khakis and a buttoned-up polo shirt and her voice is so deep it is really unnerving but WHATEVER. You'll just have to go see them live. This is the man in the band and he was solid but way less weird and therefore less exciting to me.

Sunday, I went to my friend Natalia's son's 7th birthday party. Yeah that's right, I went to a CHILD'S birthday party and it was awesome. They had a bounce house and an inflatable water slide, HELLO. Also my friends Martin and Lauren's baby looks like this:

Yeah, you know how I smile at every baby? Well with this one I was hysterical and someone asked me if I was choking because I was bright red from giggling at her sweetness. Anyway, all the kids were delightful. Until they cried and/or pooped, and then I didn't know how to handle myself. Okay, later dudes!

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