Monday, January 30, 2012

I Want a Dog...

...Okay, maybe I don't. It's kind of how I think of babies right now; I totally feel my biological clock yearn whenever I see one (my friends can attest, I smile at ALL BABIES), but the idea of it pooping or crying or like, not being able to hold up its own head (alson probably the fact that I call a baby "it" isn't great) makes me think no, maybe I'm not ready yet. So, of course, the next logical thought is DOG.

Here's the thing: I am terrible with animals. Okay, not TERRIBLE, but I am kind of the same way with them that I am with people; I am completely terrified at first and assume the creature will only hurt me both emotionally and physically and then once I get to know them, I love them so hard that the idea of losing them EVER makes me not want to embark upon the relationship at all. What's worse about animals is that they can't speak, so like, you could have a dog that thinks you're really unfunny or a dog that is secretly a serial killer and you would NEVER KNOW.

So all of that said coupled with the fact that I live in a little artist's studio has prevented me from purchasing a dog (or a kid). I get my kicks when I walk around the reservoir and stand outside the dog park, watching other people play with their pets (yeah, Ron Perlman, that was me trying desperately to figure out which dog was yours based on how much they looked like you). But this past Saturday, it was so beautiful out and there were SO MANY good dogs, I almost kept walking right over to the pound. I was too afraid to take a picture of an actual dog, because I was worried someone would think I was a dog thief, or the other dogs would get jealous that I had deemed one dog the cutest, so I just took pictures of my walk:

This is a field where you can do whatever. I've seen people drink, smoke, play Cornhole, play Frisbee, play footsie, do yoga and make out. It's fun.

That is a lady jogging slowly. I was walking, because I didn't want to make her feel bad. Anyway, it was a stunning day out and I ended up road tripping to San Diego to visit my gorgeous and gregarious college roommate Anne. What happened in San Diego stays in San Diego, but I WILL say I had the best time. Thank you, Frost (private, special nickname for Anne)!

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  1. Dball - anytime you want to trial run with a pup, you can always borrow Rudypup. Also, I found him on - it's the next step - you can peruse sans commitment until you find a babe that really speaks to you. I got Rudes from the Lange Foundation - super reputable rescue organization in West LA - you can see their nuggets here:||animal_type||pet_breed_1||pet_breed_2||identifier&Ntk=shelter_id|record_type|status&Ntt=CA725|pet|A&distance=0&location=90025

    How cute is this lil dude?

    Or this guy!!

    Your dog should totally be named Rascal!!