Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stranger in DC

Hi Lil Strangers (I like "Lil," I'm going with it)! So I just got back from our nation's capitol and I have to say, it's a lot cooler and stranger than I thought. I mean my grandpa lives there, I've been there dozens of times, but only in recent years have I discovered all the funky restaurants/bars/STUFF the city has to offer. Last time I was there I went to the Lincoln Memorial at 3AM...it was PRETTY.

Anyway I got there Saturday EARLY on the red-eye (strangers, if you're going to do this GROSS flight, take Virgin America. It was SUPER nice) and cabbed it to Elisha's apartment, which is kind of near DuPont Circle (LOVELY area). Okay so, Elisha is kind of a baller. Like, she is a lawyer and lives in a SWEET apartment. Anyway, I passed out in her glorious bed for 4 hours. Then we met up with my parents, bro, aunt, grandpa, and my friend Lucy and her husband Ted (glorious, loving, exuberant couple) at my grandpa's "club" nearby. Apparently, in DC, some fancy older people are members of these clubs. My grandpa's club, the Cosmos, only accepts members that have had some sort of huge achievement. Yup, Grandpa is THE MAN. Anyway, we had a grand old time and then I went back to Elisha's with Lucy where college roomie and all-around lovely lady Katie "Rock" Rockman surprised me by flying in from Boston. YAY. We immediately went to Starbucks, Sex and the City-style:

Yeah, I know: they are stunning slash my phone-camera is terrible. Also, this place is HEAVEN:

Anyway, then I had dinner with my fam at this place Corduroy (http://www.corduroydc.com/ ) and I ate that tuna that's on the website pic. It was very good, solid food and kind of Scandinavia meet Japan-feeling in terms of decor. Also, when I was in the bathroom, this dude walked in and relieved himself. I hid in the stall thinking I had mistakenly strolled into the men's room, but then when the guy opened the door to leave, I heard him go "oh, shit." It was funny.

So also, confession: I've been on this weird cleanse. It's not a diet, per se, but it's kind of like this 4-week restrictive diet to rejuvenate my digestive system. Here it is: http://www.harpersbazaar.com/beauty/health-wellness-articles/eat-and-lose-weight-1211#slide-1 (note: I am NOT taking those expensive supplements). Anyway, even though food is my LOVER, this thing has been pretty easy to stay on, but Saturday night, after 2 weeks of pure goodness, I drank BOOZE and...it was not a good scene. That's all I'm going to say about that. Oh, except that we went to this really fun bar Church Key (http://churchkeydc.com/ ) and met up with some friends.

Sunday, my fam did brunch at the house of one of my dad's besties from high school Kem. I can't even talk about this family they are so BAD-ASS, but I will mention one of their daughters does human rights work in THE CONGO, Kem's MOTHER just got back from volunteer teaching in Namibia, and Kem and her husband John are going to Haiti in two weeks to help out. Oh also, they are totally humble and mellow and don't brag about this over the incredible poached eggs Kem made at ALL. They also have this GOOD dog:

That's how I like my dogs: adorable and ASLEEP.

Then I met the girls in Georgetown for some shopping and a little hang with my friend Perrin (beautiful, mellow, genius-lady). Later, we had dinner at Zaytinya (http://zaytinya.com/), Jose Andres' DELICIOUS Mediterranean restaurant, with my buds Nate (such a great fellow; we go way back to high school) and Caroline (another baller lawyer. I love a smart lady) and Lucy husband Ted. I did a five course tasting menu that included the BEST Brussels sprouts I've ever had (they had been BATHED in olive oil, then roasted, then grilled I think), hunks of spiced lamb with sweet grilled onion, the creamiest of hummuses (hummii?) and tender, delicately sauced chicken (caloric and yet in line with my cleanse!). Mmmm. Then we went back to Elisha's and made fun of Golden Globes fashions.

Yesterday, I took a lovely stroll with Elisha to meet Perrin for brunch. We walked by the White House! On MLK Day! I felt like such a patriot. See?

I know, my hat is dope. Then I took a picture of Elisha, for no reason:

Awww. Then we saw a cool statue!

I think it's Polish; I have no idea. Then we walked by Occupy DC:

Can you see the tents? Supposedly no one really sleeps there because it is so cold. I'd like to think some folks stick it out, though. We had brunch at Founding Farmers (http://www.wearefoundingfarmers.com/washington-dc/ff_menus/menu-lunchdinner/ ). So, it was hard to avoid ordering like, white cheddar mac n' cheese, but I was sensible and got eggs over-easy, two pieces of excellently cooked bacon, fruit, and a side of Brussels sprouts (not AS incredible as the ones I had the night before, but still satisfying). Elisha got a 17 vegetable salad and Perrin got a fantastic, juicy-looking burger. Then I did a little shopping with Lucy and met my grandpa for tea and a bite of a giant, tasty, chocolate-chip cookie (sin!) at Firehook Bakery (http://www.firehook.com/e-com/index.cfm ...yeah, YOU try avoiding the goods there). Then Luce took me to the airport and I was back in LA. DC, I miss you! You were so fun!

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