Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It Happened Last Weekend...

So, two of my college roommates and one college friend that I did not live with came to visit last weekend. On Friday, Lucy Byrd Lyons (that is really her name. She is amazing and has red hair and lives in DC with her cute husband and loves pie) and Anne Foster-Keddie (equally amazing, law student who lives in San Diego, most energy of any human I have ever met) came with me to the Mason Jennings concert at the El Rey (we have discussed this theater; beautiful old-school venue in Hollywood).

I had a big thing for Mason in college. Anne introduced me to him and I fell hard for his gentle and peculiar voice and painfully honest lyrics. I remember going with her to some tiny spot in Brooklyn our Senior year to see him play an amazing acoustic set while I drank PBR, maybe for the first time. Well, he's still got it. His new stuff is just as compelling (check out his new album: Here is a pic of him playing the DRUMS (he can, obviously, play all of the instruments, but I am a sucker for a drummer who can also sing CAN YOU HEAR ME DAVE GROHL?):

Again, we were closer than this pic would lead you to believe. He is performing here with a band called the Pines, who were FINE...kind of a Cary Brothers rip-off.

Saturday was sad because Anne had to leave but then happy because we met up with Lily Oliver (looks like a sweet blonde lady but she will CUT you with her sharp NYC wit...yup, she's also AMAHZING) and went to Mandrake, which is this awesome gallery/bar/danceparty place in  the middle of nowhere down La Cienega (  Lucy commented that I must love it there because it was full of hipsters and men in flannel, which is...true, but the bartenders make a mean greyhound (it has a sprig of rosemary in it!) and the dancing is actually really good. Late that night, Lucy, Kyle and I got down to some Abba. Look:

That sign above the dancefloor reads "NO DANCING." So ironic. So hip. Sigh; I miss my girls already!

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