Saturday, October 8, 2011

Beirut at the Greek

I know this post title would lead you to believe I was playing a drinking game at a frat house, but really I was seeing a delightful band at one of the best music venues in the world.

The Greek is an amphitheatre in Griffith Park...a delightful stroll up Hillhurst if you park down by Little Doms. It is LOVELY: It's small and intimate and really any seat in the outdoor theater is a good seat (I know this to be a fact; for Arcade Fire I was in the second row and for Beirut I was on one of the side balconies and had a great view and heard great sound from both spots).

Anyway, it was a perfect little Tuesday night; Beirut was fantastic with their gentle jams and trumpets and tubas (I LOVE A HORN!). Who knew a 24 year old dude from Santa Fe would get heavy into Eastern European folk music and blend it with some Paul Simon to create such a soulful, fun sound? Not I.

Here are some dark blurry pics to give you sense of what I was seeing:

So blue! Also, we were closer than this pic would lead you to believe...

Now white! I want to steal those lights and put them in my non-existent garden. Until next time!

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