Sunday, July 24, 2011

Things I Did Last Night...

This isn't really in Silverlake, but the show I went to last night was close enough to blog about it. It was Kalen's birthday (Kalen, you're a special, magical delight of a human!), and so we went to Point Break Live. You read that right:

This show is not for kids (I mean ,it's in a BAR). It's basically a bunch of goons re-enacting the movie but the greatest part is that they have an audience member play Johnny Utah, the part made famous by the "gifted" actor Keanu Reeves (I personally love Reeves and don't even get me started on the genius of Bill and Ted). Last night the guy who played Utah was in his 60's, which was pretty amazing. The show is also very "interactive," in that you pay a dollar for a plastic poncho at the door because the actors spray you with all kinds of fun shit throughout the night (water, fake blood, sunscreen). The spraying was not my favorite part however, some very attractive topless gentlemen play the surfers and I found myself highly amused for the majority of the evening.

Then I went to a party at a mansion in Silverlake. Seriously. There is a bidet in this place. Just a typical night, you know, no big deal.

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