Monday, July 18, 2011

3 Songs I Needed Today...

Guys, today was rough. My work computer basically convulsed and then died in front of me and I was trying to bring my A-game to every task, but felt like it came across as a sad B-. ANYWAY, I wouldn't have made if it weren't for 3 songs I listened to on repeat on the journey back to Silverlake that lifted my spirits and made me whole again. I wanted to share:

1) "Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine," by The White Stripes ( I mean, I could talk about the brilliance of Jack White FOREVER and about how I love ALL of his musical endeavors, but The White Stripes really have a special place in my heart. This particular song has a late 60's vibe about it (I think it's that little yelp that plays on a loop that really does it for me) and the guitar throughout is just insane. I have no idea how to play the guitar, but I know Jack is doing it well on this track.

2) "Bonnie and Clyde," by Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot ( This song also has a yelp on loop, so I guess I am kind of into that noise and is totally 60's/70's, so I guess I am feeling that time period today. This ditty also plays in a pivotal scene in one of my favorite LA movies Laurel Canyon. If you haven't seen it, just like, go to Blockbuster right now (confession: I don't have Netflix because I resist the future) and rent it; it's super-sexy and makes Cali look fantastic and Christian Bale, Frances McDormand and especially Alessandro Nivola (yum) are all great in it. The movie also has a killer soundtrack (and is a way better Lisa Cholodenko movie than that slightly fake-y The Kids Are All Right).

3) "Soft Shock," by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs ( I feel like I might've put this song on a playlist before, but like, it's so damn good, just listen to it. I feel strong feelings for Karen O and like most of what this band does, but I just thought It's Blitz! was a particularly sick album. This song is soft (yeah, I know the title sort of explains that), but you can still move to it.

All I am saying is, listen to these three songs in a row and everything will be better. Goodnight.

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