Sunday, July 17, 2011

Something About Carmaggedon...

Okay, so most of you in America know that they shut down the 405 freeway in LA this weekend. People were freaking out left and right that they wouldn't be able to leave their houses for 48 hours and so last week traffic was actually really horrible, humans were driving like rabid dogs (hence the gross gridlock), and there was a mass exodus out of LAX over the course Thursday and Friday. But guess what? There were no cars on the road this weekend.

Since I moved to Silverlake, I've been more reluctant to visit my friends in the WEST. I actually work on that side of town now, so I've been better in the last few months, but for a while, I wouldn't really go beyond Robertson Boulevard. This weekend I went to the westside both nights. And it was QUICK. Like, Friday night it took me 17 minutes to get to The Mint to see my friend Andrew jam with some cats. I am aware that I just typed "jam with some cats," but don't let that take away from the fact that Andrew DeWitt is an insanely talented musician who also has a gentle nature and a solid collection of plaid tops. You also might not know how far it is from my apartment to The Mint, but it can take up to 45 minutes when the roads are bad.

Saturday, I went all the way to VENICE (I know, I am slightly overly-impressed with myself) to my friend Nora Kletter's house. Nora is just as talented as Andrew, but as a writer (she also makes the most DELICIOUS alcoholic lemonade that I would happily drive a great distance to consume). Again, no traffic. Anyway, there might've been terrible issues coming in the other direction (where, to be fair, the freeway was actually closed and to be really fair, my route to get places never included the 405 in the first place), but I want to rename this weekend CarmaHEAVEN and thank the motor vehicle gods for their kindness. Okay, I thought I should just say SOMETHING about this event.

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