Sunday, July 10, 2011

It Happened Last Night...

So after a particularly excellent dance party at the Satellite (Anthony and Jon DJ at midnight every Friday; if you're ever around, come check it out!), Lindsey and I were HUNGRY. The only problem was it was 2:30AM. Linds really wanted pizza, so I suggested we drive to Two Boots in Echo Park just to SEE if it was maybe magically still open. Now, they have Two Boots Pizza in my homeland of New York City as well, but I think it's better in LA because when you have this pizza here, you feel like you're getting away with something. Two Boots LA is also attached to the Echo/Echoplex and it's super fun to have a slice while you're at a concert (although it's kind of complicated when you try to juggle a beer and a slice and dance at the same time. Just saying).

Anyway, of course the place is closed. All the people who worked at Two Boots were inside wrapping up and the gate was halfway down and they put this big, strange lobster sculpture in the doorway so that people wouldn't try and walk in. Of course Lindsey and I just step around Mr. Lobster and go right into the pizza parlor. On any other night, I can only imagine how annoyed everyone who worked at Two Boots would've been had two weird women stormed in at 3AM demanding to be fed, but there was something magic in the air this particular Friday (okay, Saturday morning), because all of a sudden this happened:

Yeah, they gave us all of their leftover pizza. For free. As you can see, Linds was feeling a little full at this point. Also two guys saw us in the window and tried to get in but were DENIED and I felt incredibly cool and smug. We sampled garlic and fresh tomato pizza (real garlicky and therefore real good), a slice with sausage and ricotta cheese (you can put ricotta on a battery and I will eat it), and this incredible slice that seemed to be comprised entirely of different meats (prosciutto, pancetta, pepperoni, oh my!). They gave us so much that I had to take a to-go box, which I have been enjoying all weekend with a side of ranch dressing (it's been kind of an unhealthy two days). Then Linds drove me home and I passed out on my couch with one boot on to something scary like Mob Wives on VH1.

Also, guys, don't try showing up at 3AM at Two Boots expecting free pizza now, because the people who worked there begged me not to tell anyone about this and I assured them that only 15 people and my parents read my blog and it would be FINE. So don't make me look bad. I just wanted you to know that Two Boots in Echo Park has delicious pizza and incredibly friendly service and also I am really special or WAS for an hour this past Friday night. 

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