Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hipsters Camp!

So every year some of my hipster friends (guys, I mean hipster because you are HIP and I love you, also because you all have good hair) go camping in Sequoia. I won't tell you where in Sequoia, because then you will go and it won't be as cool. These dudes all go for two nights, but I am happy to make a cameo for ONE. This is my camping limit. I love lounging by the river drinking beer, sitting by a campfire drinking beer, and staring at the stars while drinking beer, but I do NOT like sleeping on the ground and I do NOT enjoy forest creatures. Many of you reading this (maybe 8 out of 14), don't even believe I am capable of camping at all. Well, HA HA LOOK:

Okay so Kyle took this picture and it was staged Monday morning before we left and I forgot to bring a sleeping bag to the woods, but I was THERE! My sunglasses look like glasses in this photo, which I really like because I don't need glasses (my friends will tell you that after BREAKING MY FACE in college, I bragged to my emergency room doctor that I had 20/20 vision...painkillers were involved), but I own 3 pairs of fake spectacles that I secretly put on when I am alone in my apartment and think I look DOPE in. Deanna and Noelia organized this trip and for that I am forever grateful. So in short: people who live in Silverlake love camping SLASH Happy 4th of July!

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