Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Strange Bears

Happy Tuesday Strangers! So I was off Friday and had myself a lovely long weekend. Thursday night I went with Noelia Estrellia to see Bear in Heaven at the Echo. Bear in Heaven is a very excellent, moody Brooklyn band and Noelia knows them (she's cool). Check out one of my favorite jams by them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGS7vNLhxNA

Ooooh, right? Anyway, Noey knowing them had nothing to do with how close we got to the stage. That was all us clawing and grasping our way up there. Worth it, though:

Are you not clear on how close we were? Here:

My hand was basically on that dude's foot. He liked it. Anyway, our friends Jon, Anthony, and Jeff were also playing that night in their band Beat Club (http://www.beatclubband.com/...they ...they are seriously great and insanely handsome) at Harvard & Stone (http://www.harvardandstone.com/) so Anna picked us up and we went there to "after party." It was FUN.

Friday Brett had a LOVELY Passover Seder at his apartment. He really does it up. Look at the table:
Even though I had to look up how to spell Seder online, this dinner is really special to me; a bunch of friends getting together and appreciating our freedom. I'm serious, I loved it. Also, Brett lives in Santa Monica but I HAD to mention it.

Saturday I saw a community theater production of Stephen Sondheim's Sweeney Todd with Deanna, Cassady, and Kyle. I did not take a picture...because I was sleeping (sorry Dee! At least we were back row!). I'm glad I went though, and seeing people work so hard and just really love what they do was inspiring. Community theater is something I don't usually check out and something I actually used to PARTICIPATE in (until I was 12 and decided I did not have the "classical good looks" required to be a movie star and would never be satisfied as a character actor), so it was nice to see.

Sunday was EASTER, so of course I met Noey for a drink at Alcove (http://www.alcovecafe.com/). We ran into our friends TJ, Charles, and Chris and enjoyed a delightful time with them, and then continued to hang after they left:

That's when we got frustrated and decided to throw everything on the table. It's a fun game we play. Then Emily came and met us and we went to her co-worker Michael's VERY GROWN-UP AND FANCY Easter Brunch. He made a HAM, you guys. Also incredible bloody Marys, chorizo, biscuits, and his friends made Spanish torta (that might not be what it was; it was egg and potato pie made by cute Spanish ladies with accents). And there was a BABY there. Like a real cute, cherubic blond baby. And a bunny:

Cute Em! That's also a bunny scarf on the table. Then we went to our friend Jason's for more ham and more fun. Good times.

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