Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tired Stranger!

Lil Strangers, I am sleepy. I had an AMAZING weekend celebrating Lindsey Weening's birthday (in Santa Monica...ssshhhh, sin) and then Katie Rockman's IN BOSTON. Yes, I flew to Boston for less than 30 hours to celebrate one of my best friends and I am not ashamed! It was completely worth it. Look how happy Rock is!

Yeah, she also has an amazing apartment. Some of my other college besties were there too:

Awww, Lucy and Elisha! Anyway, we went to this place The Brahmin (http://thebrahmin.com/), which is this adorable small plates restaurant where they clear away all the tables away at 10PM and it becomes a WILD dance club. Seriously, it was a SCENE. We had meatballs (with an incredible sweet tomato sauce that our friend Laura went especially nuts over), mac n' cheese, beef tartare, flatbread pizzas, and the most insanely delicious fried pickles I've ever had that came with a red pepper aioli that I would take a bath in. Then we danced it off, both at the Brahmin and at Harvard Gardens (http://www.harvardgardens.com/). There was no dancefloor at Harvard Gardens but, um, we created one. We had so much fun at HG, we went back there for brunch the next day and sat next to a table of ravishingly sexy gentlemen. What? I love me an East coast boy. Then I cuddled my ladies and flew back to LA.

So, it was a whirlwind, and I loved it.

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