Friday, September 23, 2011

Secret Spot

While I feel bad about blowing up the spot of this hidden gem for all its regulars, I also don't feel bad about potentially bringing more business (from like, 2 of you) to 1642, a tiny adorable bar on Temple in Echo Park. Check out some pics:

Outside, it does look a little bit like you're about to get murdered (which can be scary when you're walking towards, say, a first date with someone you don't know very well), but inside 1642 is completely warm and twinkly-lit and great. It's owned by this hip-looking lady who has BEAUTIFUL cats (that is a huge deal for me to say since I think cats are hideous, cruel monsters that hate the human race) that sort of wander about. Theres also a little garden in the back if you need a breather. I had this AWESOME "off-the-menu" beer called Cold Spring:

The kind I had was like honey almond or something and came in a giant can...really fantastic. Anyway, I really reccommend this place for a casual drinks, a date, or even for a solo beer, which I am too afraid to ever do so if you can, I applaud you.

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