Monday, September 5, 2011


Happy Labor Day! So this weekend was awesome. I hadn't been to a concert in a while (okay, three weeks is a WHILE for me), so I stuffed this three-day holiday full of musical adventures.

Friday was Handsome Furs at the Echoplex. If you don't know who the Furs are, I'll tell you. They're a two-person band made up of Dan Boeckner of Wolf Parade (I miss you Wolf Parade!) and his wife Alexei Perry. They do similar music to Wolf Parade but a little bit more 80's synth-dance (this sentence might make no sense as it sort of feels like my brain is dislodged inside my skull right now but whatever). Here is a cool Furs video:

I boycotted the Echoplex for a while, even though it's right near my apartment, because I saw a Lord Huron show there and the sound was so bad I almost rudely left before the end of the gig; I just couldn't take it (not the band's fault! They are good; listen: Anyway, they seem to have the problem fixed and you can get Two Boots pizza in the venue, so I support the plex again (

The Furs were AWESOME. They have such good energy and are so in love and while they're both very very attractive humans and usually I focus more on the gentlemen, Perry is SO GORGEOUS and so amped UP and like, does this crazy weird kick to the side and was wearing like, a tennis unitard with side cut-outs and I want to be her. I danced a lot.

The music didn't end there though, because Saturday was the FYF festival in Chinatown ( Noelia happily agreed to be my partner in crime and we met at her house where she made a delicious scramble. One cool thing about living on the Eastside, is that you can take the SUBWAY downtown. This is NOT like my beloved NYC subway. This subway is empty and clean and fancy (I also don't get how they make any money because you can kind of just walk through those ticket-swipe thingies and they just want you to like, push a button? What was that? I don't get it). Anyway, this is Noey on the subway:

I know it's dark, but we're there. 

The festival was fantastic. The one thing I would say to future concertgoers is to not worry about being VIP. We WERE, and it really made no difference, partially because a lot of our friends weren't VIP and we wanted to hang out with them, but also because the VIP section was just this area in the grass with like two extra food trucks and some couches. Also, I'm too shy to go up to someone like, say, Josiah Johnson from The Head and the Heart (they were very dreamy and delightful on stage, btw), so there's kind of no point to me being in there.

The highlights for me from the festival were really Ty Segall (this dude looks like he's 14 and performs the most gritty, cool garage rock) and Descendents (old-school punk rock at its best). I just want all of you guys to know that I MOSHED. Like, my left forearm might be broken. Like, I fell down and two men picked me up only to shove me again (not in a scary, abusive way, don't worry). Like, Noelia's dress had a ginormous hole after the fest (also she was so much harder than me...when the mosh pits got intense and I would move back, Noey went FORWARD). Here is how happy to moshing made Noey:

Noey continued this joy into the beer garden where we saw our friends Henna and Mariko:

She is bad-ass. I think we might've missed Guided by Voices, which is a bummer, because we were too busy having a photo-shoot in the VIP:

That's me being wistful and flaring my nostrils; I don't know why. I am also ashamed to say I have no idea what band this is:

But clearly they were awesome so I took a pic. By the time Death From Above 1979 came on, Noey and I were ready to bounce (I caught enough of "Blood on Our Hands" ( to have it stuck in my head for the rest of the a good way). We got some much-needed street meat outside the subway and were on our way. I WISH I had taken a picture of our subway car, because it was basically 100 dead hipsters lying on the floor. What a day.

Then yesterday after a delightful trip to the South Bay to visit Anna (I got a "Stranger in the South Bay!" shout-out and felt so special, I am bragging about it now on this blog), in an attempt to make the music last forever, I saw This is Spinal Tap at the cemetery. Guys, I had never seen this movie before, I am ashamed to admit, and it was WONDERFUL. Who knew Christopher Guest and Michael McKean could be SO HOT? I did not. Hilarious, hilarious, insightful movie. And what a perfect weekend! Ok, back to the Dance Moms marathon on Lifetime now...

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