Monday, September 12, 2011


I can't lie, I never read LA Magazine, and yet I am COMPLETELY addicted to ADDICTED. Like, I read all the restaurant reviews, New York Diets, every word precious little David Edelstein writes, and I LOVE the Fug Girls and all their fashion articles. And as stylist Rachel Zoe would say, I DIE for Fashion Week. Like, I need to look at every piece of clothing on every model.

I mean like, I TRY to wear cute outfits, but considering that today I dribbled olive oil onto my general boobical area and managed to stain a BLACK top, I can't really get that adventurous with my fashions. Also, possibly unrelated, I am constantly telling boys I like their "tops" and although I always mean it sincerely when I say it, calling a man-blouse a "top" (okay, AND calling them man-blouses) can be kind of emasculating and possibly offensive. I should work on that. But I probably will not. Anyway, it's fashion week and post slides from every show and it's wonderful and Happy Monday, HERE:

Now you can't do work either.

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