Friday, September 9, 2011

Five For Friday

Remember that band Five for Fighting? I think it was actually just one dude (thereby making that name fucking STUPID) and he single-handedly made the early 2000's WORSE with his music. What was that song? Something about only having 100 years to live? Not only did that song SUCK, but it gave me a panic attack every time I heard it because he goes from 16 to 36 and depressed with three kids and alimony payments in about 20 seconds. SHUDDER. Anyway, my post-title just made me think of that; I'm sorry everyone. Here are some better songs I am listening to today:

1) "Yer So Bad" by Tom Petty ( Ok so it's no secret that I don't LOVE Tom Petty. Like, I love "American Girl" because it was on the only mixtape I had with me on a teen tour and I am into Americana, and "Mary Jane's Last Dance" is a fun song/a cool Kim Basinger video (I'm not even getting INTO "Free Falling;" of course that's a solid song, Jerry Maguire, blah blah), but he just doesn't seem that special to me and I think his time has sort of passed. However, this song came on the radio the other day and not only did I think it was sort of this eerily relevant homage to that dude from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills who killed himself, but it's also kind of fun. THEN I found the video, and it's hilarious and features Marty and Elaine (of Swingers fame) in the Dresden in Los Feliz where they regularly perform. So L.A.

2) "Light of the Morning" by Band of Skulls ( I can't believe I haven't talked to you guys about this band yet. I know they were hipper like, last year, but I LOVE the Skulls. I liked this album since it came out (adore 70's-sounding, Southern-ish rock), and then I saw them at Coachella last year and rocked out so hard I had to give myself a time-out (also I was in a tent with a million people and it was 5000 degrees). Also, Emma Richardson is a sick bassist who just kind of kicks ass and doesn't make a big deal about it and I enjoy that. Also ALSO, the end of this song is so cool.

3) "Midnight City" by M83 ( I AM SOSOSOSOSOSO EXCITED FOR THIS CONCERT IN NOVEMBER!!! This band is so fun and makes me so nostalgic for a time and suburban lifestyle I was never even a part of. I think Pitchfork (which I love/hate) described this song as kind of like "a John Hughes movie." Yup. Agree.

4) "Payne's Bay" by Beirut ( I AM ALSO SOSOSOSO EXCITED FOR THIS CONCERT THIS MONTH!!! Okay, that is obnoxious, I'm sorry. I can't believe I only recently discovered Beirut's new album The Riptide. The entire thing is just beautiful all the way through. I used to have this fantasy about adapting this children's book (not telling you which one) into a movie and then having Beirut score the whole thing and using "Elephant Gun" for the kissing scene. Also, you know I love a trumpet. This is another song with a really cool ending segment.

5) "Portions for Foxes," by Rilo Kiley ( Dear Jenny Lewis, I want to BE you. I know this is Rilo's biggest/most mainstream hit, but I just have such fond memories of jumping on our common room couch in college with my roommate Anne SCREAMING the lyrics at the top of our lungs, elated and yet incredibly frustrated by how TRUE they were to us. Fantastic song. Also dudes in college are assholes sometimes.

PS SONG (Cuz I really want to keep the title of the post as is): "Suck it and See" by The Arctic Monkeys ( Alex Turner is a very sexy, quintessential English rocker to me, and the Monkeys have a very specific sound that I don't always go for, but in this case (and this happened a couple of year ago with The Kooks), I am into it. I am excited to see this band soon too. I am sorry, I couldn't help myself, I did it again.

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