Thursday, September 27, 2012

Strange Beach House

You guys, I love Beach House. I have been saying that about this band for a while now, but really they are Goddamn good. Victoria Legrand's voice is the stuff gravel-y dreams are made of and their ethereal tunes make me feel all kinds of feelings. I saw them at the Wiltern ( Tuesday night, and while that venue is certainly not my favorite (come on dudes, if we all have general admission tickets, you can't let only SOME people stand up near the stage!), Beach House sounded great as always. They also upped their show-game with some strobe lights and videos and things:

Okay so we were in the front on the balcony, but we actually had a really good view. One complaint is that the band plays all of their songs EXACTLY as they sound on the album, which is consistent and nice, but I'd love like, ONE freaky breakdown, or something. Anyway, they played all of their hits on top of their new stuff and the set was actually really long; they were up there for about 2 hours. Worth checking out when they come to your town...

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