Tuesday, September 4, 2012

FINALLY, Some Strange Sushi

Lil' Strangers, there is this weird phenomenon in Silverlake where there are like, NO good sushi places. I am open to your commentary on this subject but honestly, nothing I've tried has impressed me. UNTIL LAST FRIDAY. The inner room at Cowboys and Turbans has been remade into a sushi bar called Ji (http://www.yelp.com/biz/ji-sushi-los-angeles), and I am telling you, it is TASTY.

The dude-caller and I didn't order much, but what we did get was a whole bunch of simple, well-prepared fish. We started with a half-dozen oysters (yeah, they do OYSTERS at Ji) and they were deliciously sauced with vinegar and green onion, though they were a bit on the creamy side. Then I got the sashimi regular and all the fish was SO GOOD. The salmon was bright and clean:

Mmm. There was some really solid albacore, a refreshing yellowtail and a thick, dark brick of tuna. But the real treat was the special fish of the day: red snapper. The (very friendly) chef torches the skin of the snapper giving it a light char that just made the fish taste really special. Yum:

This is actually the nigiri version. I got the sashimi and the gentleman caller liked it so much he ordered more. I washed everything down with an Asahi, which they have on tap. Oh ALSO, there's a giant flat screen TV that plays sports so if you want some good sushi, but don't want to miss the big game, this place is super for you. Yay! Finally good raw fish in my neighborhood.

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